Elder Abuse

Between 5%-9% of older people living in their own homes suffer at least one form of abuse.
(Elder Abuse Research, Ogg & Bennett 1993)

Figures from Sept. 2004-2005 from the Scottish Helpline for Older People regarding elder abuse indicate:

Gender of person experiencing abuse

  • 75% female
  • 25% male

Type of abuse:

  • Psychological 36%
  • Physical 25%
  • Financial 20%
  • Institutional 12%
  • Neglect  5%
  • Sexual 2%

Where abuse occurred:

  • Own home            80%
  • Care home           15%
  • Hospital               2.5%
  • Sheltered housing 2.5%

Between 50,000 and 90,000 older people living in their own homes in Scotland may suffer at least one form of abuse.  
(Elder Abuse Research, Ogg & Bennett)

40% of victims suffer more than one form of abuse. 
(Listening is not enough. Action on Elder Abuse 2000)

Domestic violence is a hidden issue that doesn’t disappear with age. Statistics collected annually by the Police show that between one-fifth and a quarter of all reported domestic violence is perpetrated against women over the age of 40.

(Older Women & Domestic Violence in Scotland. Scott, Marsha et al. Health Scotland 2004)