An Equal Society?

In 2005, the number of people registered as blind or partially sighted was estimated to be 38,366.  78 % of those registered were over the age of 65, with 68 % aged 75 and over.  Nearly 71 % of those with additional disabilities are over the age of 65.  

There are an estimated 546,000 people in Scotland aged 60 years and over who have some degree of hearing loss.  Of those, an estimated 498,000 have mild/moderate deafness and 48,000 who have severe/profound deafness (

A total of 9,984 people aged 50 and over are from the Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, ‘other South Asian’, Chinese, Caribbean, African, and ‘other ethnic minority’ communities. Of these 2,464 are aged 60-74, 787 are aged 75 and over, and 200 are aged 85+. The 2001 census found that minority ethnic groups (non-white) made up 2% of Scotland’s population. 
(General Register for Scotland 2001 UK Census)