Elder Abuse

It is estimated that between 7% and 9% of older people in Scotland are victims of at least one form of abuse, with over 40% of victims suffering more than one kind of abuse. Abuse can occur in an older person’s own home, in care homes or in hospitals or through any service an older person receives. Abuse is perpetrated by family members, neighbours and friends, professional care workers, informal carers, those who provide financial and legal services and others.

The Age Concern Scotland Elder Abuse Project, launched in February 2001, seeks to reduce the level of abuse of older people and to ensure victims of elder abuse have access to appropriate support and legal remedies. The Elder Abuse Project has ten key strategic objectives, these being;

  • raising awareness of elder abuse amongst the general public, older people and those who care for them 
  • supporting the provision of information and training 
  • facilitating the development of guidelines, policies and procedures 
  • promoting full use of  Disclosure checks for all staff and volunteers 
  • making a case for, and, where appropriate, providing free and independent advocacy services 
  • making a case for further research 
  • promoting access to free and confidential advice 
  • developing and promoting models of good practice for assisting and supporting older people who have been abused 
  • making a case for legislative change 
  • creating opportunities for sharing experience, practice concerns and resources at local and national level