Who Cares?

58% of older people in residential care homes were assessed as having low or moderate dependency.  
(ISD Older People Services: measuring relative need May-Sept 2004)

The overall cost of community care services for older people in Scotland, including private, local authority, and NHS costs; is projected to rise from £1.4 billion in 2004 to £2.5billion in 2019.  
(First report for the Range & Capacity Review. Scottish Executive 2004)

There are an estimated 626,000 carers in Scotland. 104,000 of this number are aged 65 and over. This is 13% of the total population aged 65 and over.   
(Carers Scotland, 2003)

An estimated 70,014 older people in Scotland received a home care service provided by or purchased by a local authority in 2004. This is an increase on the previous years.

In Scotland in 2004, 86% of the clients receiving a home care service were aged 65 years or older.   
(Scottish Executive Statistics Release Home Care Services Scotland 2004

There are 826,554 people aged 65+ in Scotland.  Only 33,600 (4%) are in care homes.  
(Care Homes Census March 2005)

From April 2002 to September 2003, the care homes that closed had on average 23 places.  The homes that remain open have an average of 38 places.  This suggests smaller care establishments are the ones more likely to close.  
(Care Homes Scotland SENS Publications April 2004 www.scotland.gov.uk/stats/bulletins/00353-00.asp)

In 2002, 52% of residents of care homes in Scotland were funded wholly or mainly by local authorities.  In 1995 it was only 26%. 
(Community Care Statistics 2002)

At March 31, 2005 there were:

  • a total of 1,523 registered care homes across Scotland
  • 38,327 care home places for older people, which has increased for the fourth consecutive census – the comparable figures for September 2003, March 2004, September 2004 were 37,946, 38,166 and 38,292
  • 67% of available places in care homes for older people were in rooms with en-suite facilities and 86%of available places were in single rooms

(Care Homes Census March 2005)