Figuring out a way to set up fundraising events can be quite hard. You need to make sure that the event is cherished by everyone so that you can raise the maximum fund. The event must be engaging, fun and meaningful.

Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas

The following are some creative ideas to set up a fundraising event:

Street painting:

Art is something which can touch everyone. Conduct an event where people should paint on various topics, and you can conduct an auction or sell raffle tickets to make money for your cause. Try to make this event public so that many people will be aware of your cause and contribute towards it.

Snowman building contest:

Winter is the time when many people would want to give to others. As there is snow everywhere, you can ask your supporters to build a snowman. The guests can vote and contribute for the best snowman. If you do not live in a place where there is snow, then you can try making sandcastles.

Eating contests:

Who doesn’t love eating pies and chocolate cookies? You can recruit pledges for every cookie or pie the contestants eat. You can gather the rest of the community to watch the event, and it will be a fun and engaging event.

Craft Workshops:

During the holidays, people might get little bored, and instead of simply collecting money for your cause, you can conduct a craft workshop where you can teach how to make charismas tree hangings, wreaths etc. You can even show them how to make cookies and cakes. The entry fee can be used for the charity, and you can also sell raffle tickets at the workshop.


Your Christmas feels special when you hear carols. You can organise a small group and go door to door singing carols. You can give away flyers to them so that they can read about your cause and contact you if they are interested in donating to the cause.

Pumpkin Carving Contest:

You can organise a contest where the contestants need to carve pumpkins, and the best will be given a price. The entry fees can be used to support your cause. You can also invite many people to the community to come and watch the pumpkin carvings.

Get into a costume:

A few years back in London around 600 people got dressed up as gorillas and went out in the streets of London to collect money for endangered species. The idea was fascinating, and many people loved the creativeness of the people and donated money to the cause. You can include weird looks or costumes to make your fundraiser event to stand out.

Fitness challenge:

Go into the community and tell people that if they walk/run for a kilometre a particular sum of money will be donated to your cause. You can start a fundraising page and collect funds from your supporters through the fitness challenge.




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